Server and Forum rules.


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    Server and Forum rules.

    Post  Don on Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:00 pm

    Rules and Regulations

    Section I: Server-wise

    Basic Etiquette:

    The server allows everybody to play and enjoy the game to the fullest intent of their satisfaction, however we do not tolerate players who do not know how to respect their co-players, GMs and the rules of the server and those who are abusive.

    Light Offenses:

    Trash talking:
    - Though its considered as a light offense but repetition of this will result to a higher offense which is a medium offense then grave offense if still not being followed after sanctions are given and in addition, we will punish the flame starter/baiter since there will be no trash talking if there is nobody starting or baiting it

    Chat spamming:
    - Yes chat spamming isn't allowed in this server for the reason that it's freaking annoying. If you decide to sell something, looking for someone or whatever that is just make a pub and wait. Private messages to players is not included since we have /exall or /ex <player's name>.

    Kill stealing and looting of items:
    - Obviously we already have this rule on official servers and I really think KSing or looting is pretty much a pain in the ass especially if you worked hard to hunt something. This rule is focused on BOSSES ONLY and its items being dropped. This rule does not include the items you dropped(accidentally) and was picked up by another player. The only thing that we can do with this is to try and ask the player to give it back but the decision will be to the player who got it if he/she will give it back to you, so please be CAREFUL and be RESPONSIBLE to your items.

    Medium offense:

    - Both PvP/WoE

    - We want a fair fight while we are competing with other guilds so please fight fair and square.

    Littering at main city and PvP/WoE:
    - The reason for this is that we don't want to pick up garbages as we click the floor to move to a certain location and most of all we don't want to pick up anything useless while we are fighting with someone inside pvp/woe.

    Adding/dealing other players during WoE:

    DISRESPECTING Game Masters
    - Nuff said.

    Using Basilica [Priest] near or on the EMP:
    - No explanation required.

    Grave offense:

    - Anyone caught using such programs to remove delays or anything that could destroy the game play of the server, morale of a player to play because of players using prohibited softwares will be SERIOUSLY PUNISHED!!

    - To avoid scams, no matter how small the trading, take a SCREENSHOT before, during and after each transaction.


    Impersonation of either a GM or a player:
    - Copying of other player's name

    Inter-server item trades or Real life item trades:
    - Ex:my items in blablaRO to your items in blablaRO or 2304823904823pesos for your items in blablaRO

    Bug Abuse:
    - Any bugs or loopholes found in game please report instead of abusing it, you will be greatly rewarded(not items or such) but will be very much appreciated by GM Team

    Farming points in PvP:
    - If you come to PvP, man up and kill another player, not your own dual log or friend helping you. Letting your player get killed again and again is also a crime for your helping out in the farming process

    Promoting of other RO private servers:
    - We do not tolerate promotion of other RO servers here. We are trying to grow a community, not lose them.

    Section II: Forum-wise

    Light Offenses:

    - Trash talking / Flaming - Anyone who starts to trash talk another person or a person who starts a flame.

    - Spamming wherever within the forums.

    - Posting off-topic replies in threads.

    - Having a very large signature. (Let's keep our forums clean. Face it, no matter how cool a signature is, if its too big, it just eats spaces up.)

    Medium Offenses:

    - Disrespecting a Forum Moderator, Game Master or Administrator.

    - Posting in the wrong section of the forums. (Yes, I considered this as a medium offense so that people will think more on where they post)

    Grave Offenses:

    - Promoting another server. (No need for explanation)

    Section III: Penalties


    Obviously each violation deserves PUNISHMENT and it will depend on the violation you have committed. We do give chances to players so that they will learn from their mistakes and will not commit the same offense but it will still be counted as an offense whether its a light offense, medium offense, or grave offense.

    Now that you know the different types of offenses from light, medium to grave. It's time to discuss the process of the punishment that will be given to you if you ever dare to violate any of the rules stated above.

    Light Offense:
    - Its either GMs will WARN, JAIL, MUTE or BAN you for 1 or 2 days

    Medium Offense:
    - Its a month BAN

    Grave Offense:
    - PERMANENT BAN or IP BAN depending on how retard you have become

    2 light offenses of the same kind will result to a medium offense and 2 medium offense will result to a grave offense. Take note of the punishment of each type offenses so you know what to avoid.

    For MEDIUM and GRAVE Offenses we will not issue a warning but instead we will remind players to read our COC or Code Of Conduct to be followed at our forum, this will also promote our forum to players that needs assistance. Our forum is open to buying/selling, inquires, reports or just chill


    Section lll:

    Player Accounts:
    - Take care of your own accounts because we are not held liable for whatever happens to it. In short YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACCOUNT. If you let someone else's play or use your account make sure that the one using it knows the do's and don't of our server since we do not care who violated our rules may it be your mom,dad,bro,sis,yaya or dog etc etc. WE WILL IMPOSE DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS ACCORDINGLY if found violating our COC/CODE OF CONDUCT.

    Account Security:
    - If your account happens to get hacked, we don't give a sh1t so please be vigilant with the people you share accounts with, programs you use (common idiotic reason why players get hacked) because they want to dupe,bot,freeze or w/e bullcrap just to get ahead of others illegally.

    NOTE: If you see people trying to offer you something retarded like those stated above this please report ASAP. If not, you will be marked as an accomplice and will result to a grave offense. Its either you become a solution or a problem to us


    We will add new/change rules if we find it necessary. Please READ and UNDERSTAND and upon reading this you agree to what is written on our Rules and Regulations. IF NOT, FEEL FREE TO LEAVE THE SERVER.

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    Re: Server and Forum rules.

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    Re: Server and Forum rules.

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    Re: Server and Forum rules.

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